Presidential candidates 2012

This page will show you information of this year presidential candidates and why is it important to vote this year.

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the current President of The United states and he is running for the Democratic Party for another presidential term. Barack Obama stands for fixing the economy so the poor and middle class can survive and prosper. He also wants to be able to provide US citizens with affordable health and educating our young so America's future is secure. He wants us to become independent of foreign oil and become more eco friendly. He recently stated that he supports gay marriage.

Barack Obama

Senator Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts but did not run for re-election on 2006. He ran for the Republican party on 2008 but lost his nominee to John McCain. This years election hes running against Barack Obama for presidency, for the Republican Party. He will most likely become the Republican nominee since the other candidates dropped out of the race.He stands for increasing jobs within the US. He wants to explore alternative energy sources as he believes too much oil is being used. He wants to deport illegal immigrants and feels assault weapons should be banned.

Mitt Romney

Why is it important to vote and on this year especially.

Voting has always been important it shows how we the people can cause change in our society, it shows that we have a voice in government. This year is special since the country needs to change its policies on Healthcare and Social Security since it has the country in debt because it gives out more money than what comes in it making the government spend more money than what they dont really have there are other issues like gay marriage and the war in Irag and gas prices, these are problems that need to be solved too.