This is a guide that will show information of 4 places that a tourist could go to in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Human Centrifuge

The Human Centrifuge is the same thing that Astronauts use to train for space flight. this one is open to the public so they can see it and learn why it is not used anymore. The Human Centrifuge is a big sphere on the end of a giant metal pole, spinning in a circular room. Its job was to sling space travelers around to see how many "Gs" -- multiples of Gravity (body weight) -- a human could stand. To learn more of the Centrifuge and why it was decommissioned click on this link.

Centrifuge on the outside


Centrifuge on the inside

Crayola Factory Hall of Fame

The Crayola Factory is a tour for anyone that wants to know about Crayola history. "The Crayola Factory," a downtown attraction that in fact was not a factory at all. Over a decade later, the attraction has morphed yet again into "The Crayola Experience," a purposefully vague title for a place that's cheerfully soft-edged and nontoxic. Crayola's recognition of its own history can be found in the "Crayola Chronology," where visitors can see the paraffin-spattered shoes of Emerson Mosler, who made an estimated 1.4 billion crayons during his 37 years at the Crayola plant. For more information click on this link.

World Largest Crayon


How the Crayons are made

Quecreek Mine Rescue Memorial

A Quecreek is a mine that its famous because of the event that miners were trapped in because of a cave in on July 4, 2002.
A rescue effort began immediately. The men were doomed unless the rescuers could determine where exactly the miners were. Above ground, a satellite tracking device was used to pinpoint the miners' location. Like cave explorer Floyd Collins and the birth of radio news reporting, the Quecreek Mine Rescue may some day be recalled as an important GPS milestone. For more information click on this link.


Memorial Statue


Mine Rescue Capsule

Space Acorn - 1965 UF0

The Space Acorn is said to be an object that crashed down from space on December 9, 1965. Some say that it's a copper-colored spacecraft, maybe 15 feet long, encircled by a band of writing like Egyptian hieroglyphics. 2005. The 40th anniversary of the crash. Attitudes in Kecksburg are shifting. The town has heard about Roswell's and Area 51's UFO tourism bonanzas. It realizes that the Space Acorn could be grown into something profitable. The oblong UFO is repaired and repainted an unfortunate shade of brown (making it look even more like an acorn). It's taken off of the roof and hoisted atop a pole on a very visible hillside, lit by spotlights at night. A UFO Store is opened across the street, in the back of the fire department's social hall and bar. For more information click on this link.


The Space Acorn


Stan Gordon. Ufologist and researcher of the Space Acorn


Ron Struble. Historian of the Space Acorn, hes the one that tells what happened the night it crashed down from space.

Information was acquired from this link. Pennsylvania Tourist Attractions